Please email Alex at with any questions or errors you may bump into.

You can find me at or the project


While MastoDeck is not open-source yet. There is a GitHub project to keep track of all the work in progress, and a GitHub Issues Repository to submit your ideas, feedback, bugs, etc.

Known bugs and shortcomings

Many :-) Please report them anyway to the email or Mastodon addresses above.

  • Posting does not count characters according to the instance. It is hardcoded at 500.
  • Multiple accounts not working yet.
  • Notifications settings to group alerts by status, to avoid flood.
  • Specific settings for timeline-type colums: no reblogs, only media, only followed, etc.
  • Each status should have a menu for more actions.
  • Can not edit or delete statuses.
  • Can not post pictures or any multimedia files.
  • Can not load previous statuses.
  • Getting to the top a column should mark it as "read"
  • Modal should take whole screen in mobile.
  • Clicking a hashtag should open a temporal column with that hashtag.
  • Clicking a username should open a temporal column with that user name.
  • Many, many more.


  • At last: Drag and Drop Columns #24
  • New Setting: choose the color of the links #58
  • New Setting: set date format to absolute or relative #70
  • New Column: Mentions that only shows mentions, and not other notifications #64
  • Fixed Floating Menu for options #65
  • Activity column is renamed to Notifications #57
  • Dates are updated in real time #71
  • Increased contrast in dark mode for the scroll bar and the "grey" text #69


  • You can edit the content of your own messages. #50
  • You can delete your own messages. #49
  • Improved user columns #17
  • Quick Search. #41
  • Followed tags columns. #22
  • New in Settings: display the account's "Full Name" or @handle #51
  • New in Settings: avatar shape #19
  • Hover on a gif starts playing. #38
  • Images are properly aligned inside a message. #52
  • Quick Search works dynamically without reloading. #55
  • Proper alignment of under message icons. #47
  • Work in progress: Improved user columns #17
  • Work in progress: You can edit the content of your own messages. #50


  • Ctrl+Enter (or Cmd+Enter in Mac) to submit the message form.
  • If you have text written or files selected, you will be asked if you really want to dismiss the submit form.
  • Nicks are preappended when replying to another message.
  • Auto-suggest of nicks is online. Not perfect yet, and will continue working on it.
  • New in Settings: auto-play for gifs. #33
  • New in Settings: choose the font you wish, from a list of compatible common typographies. From Arial to Verdana.


  • Conversations column no longer fetches the last conversation again and again. Conversation threads still wonky.
  • Column data is shown highlighted instead of the type of column, for hashtag, profile and other types of columns.
  • On the side bar, titles of the links are more descriptive.
  • Open a GitHub page.
  • In every message hashtags open a column, mentions open a profile, and Twitter mentions are a click to that Twitter profile.


  • Attaching media files with a status. I should specify some limits depending on the instance.
  • Mobile and desktop versions have their own distinct modal close zones.
  • Posting status form is disabled by default until at least there is something written.


  • Loads images from Mastodon instances with picky CDNs (Thanks
  • Strips the # from hashtags whille editing a column (Thanks Rob Repp and others)
  • Added a Yes/No setting for auto refresh of the columns (Thanks Julie Nye)
  • Avatars and nicks open a new column with information for said user (Thanks Julie Nye)
  • Vertical columns no longer wonky on windows with smaller heights (Thanks Rob Repp)


  • Increased refresh rates for most columns, so faster fetching.
  • New Column available: the public local timeline of any instance.
  • Slightly better looking landing page.
  • Landing page said "sing up" instead of "sign up"! (Thanks


  • Changed _new links for _blank
  • Add "ExtraExtraLarge" font size.
  • Column width can be any number from 150 to 600 px.


  • Adjusted theme works. Switch to light or dark depending on your OS settings.
  • Fixed bug adding a hashtag column.
  • The form of sending new content counts the characters written.


  • I think columns management is working.
  • Improved beta testing.
  • Getting to the top a column should mark it as "read"
  • Users can load extra messages in the column.
  • Column adding works.
  • Improved Direct Messages, but opening a thread still does not work.
  • Horizontal header for non column sections works better on mobile.


  • External permalink icon on each message.
  • Fixed posting behaviour.
  • Fixed modal behaviour again.
  • On a first load, it brings more messages.


  • Better modal behaviour.
  • Escape key closes modals.
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